Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Stamped Throw Blanket

Mike and I repainted our living room over the weekend! Yeah it turns out, you should really spend the $3 on those little cans of paint samples. Definitely a good idea try them out before you paint the whole wall. Otherwise you too, could be living in a toothpaste colored living room! We're pretty good at laughing at ourselves though, so that's what we're doing. Live and learn, right?

On to the project!
I decided I needed to add some new decor to the room, what with a newly painted wall an all. I found some old Monk Cloth in one of my fabric boxes, and pulled out some Black Acrylic Paint. Because we spent our money on a paint color we didn't want, I figured it would be best to not spend any more money. I hate spending money! Even the stamp was made from the lid to a box my ring came in. No money spent. Just the way I like it.

What you'll need:
-Stamp/cardboard box lid
-Monk Cloth

If you don't have any fabric paint, mix in just a little bit of water to your acrylic paint. It thins it down and works just like fabric paint!

Tutorial.. or lack thereof:
Dip your stamp box lid, into your paint and begin making your + shape across your fabric.
 I didn't mark it out before stamping, but that's just how I am. If you want it to look nicer, you can buy an actual stamp, and mark out your pattern.
Continue dipping and stamping until your fabric is covered in lots of little X's or +'s depending on the way your fabric is laying.
Stamp your lid a few times on a piece of paper, before stamping it on to the cloth. Otherwise it goes on really thick and doesn't look as nice. It also takes a lot longer to dry.
 This craft took all of 10 minutes to do, and was really fun!

Now I better go iron and hang Mikes clothes, so it looks like I actually did something useful today. If you try out this tutorial, I'd love to see your blanket, so leave me a link to it in the comments!