Monday, September 4, 2017

August: Bear Lake/Utah/Idaho.

We have had so much fun seeing family the past three weeks. Quinny has changed so much and I love seeing her grow as much as I hate it! She turned four months while we've been gone and I can't believe it!
She is still just as smiley as ever, and starting to sit up!
She has loved meeting all of her grandpartens and Aunties and Uncles, and her sweet little cousins.

We got sick right after Bear Lake, and it has hung around almost the whole time! So unfortunately we haven't been able to spend as much time with some of the fmaily as we were hoping, but we have still had a fun time.

My parents live right in the path of the Eclipse and we were able to watch it from the front yard. It was the most amazing thing I'll ever see in my life. Tennesy thought it was so fun, as she is pretty fascinated by space. Such an incredible experience. We just wish Daddy could have been there experiencing it with us.

We have spent almost every evening outside on the trampoline and Tennesy has loved playing outside so much, picking apples and making apple sauce with Maga, swinging in the swings, Playing with Papa, and reading books together.

It's always so hard to leave! There's just no place like home.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Fourth of July

Sticking with tradition, we woke up and went to the city fourth of July parade. The slowest, most unpatriotic Fourth of July parade ever to exist. And yet we continue to go each year. This year they kept it under three hours, so I'd say it's only getting better! 

We then finished it off with horse races, the fair and fireworks.

Quinn did awesome, as always, and Tennesy was so fun to watch the fireworks with. They were both pretty entertaining actually. 

It was definitely a good day. I'm not always so sure that Mike likes having a wife that makes him get up and go on family excursions.. In fact, he has made it pretty clear that he doesn't like them... So what I meant was "I'm sure" but I'm also not sorry, LOL. He's always glad at the end of the trip!

And look at all these fun memories we have!
I love my little family.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mitchell came out to visit and we had a really great week. I seriously didn't want him to leave!! He is such a great kid and we had so much fun with him here.
We love him so much.

We took the train in to the city and the days we didn't do that, we spent at the beach.
I wish we could have had more time catching up.. It just wasn't long enough!