Saturday, March 19, 2016

Can't believe our little girl is a year and four months old already.
She loves to be outside playing and watching the bugs and the birds.
(occasionally kissing the bugs.. but what's wrong with that?)
She knows what she wants and when she wants it, but is a very patient girl when she needs to be.
She's friendly and silly and is always trying to make people laugh by pulling funny faces. 
She loves music, dancing and swinging on the swings or being flipped around in the air.
She will take my hand and kiss it and loves to cuddle.
She knows so many knew words and signs and surprises us every day with the new things she knows. She acts way too mature for her age. People have told us that they forget how little she is because she acts older and is so tall.
She's cut three more teeth (molars) and doesn't take a bottle at night. They are packed away in a box now. I didn't know weaning kids from a bottle was a thing.. It wasn't something I had thought about. Luckily for me, Tennesy was easy and pretty much did it on her own.
I could go on and on about what a good kid she is and all the cute things she does, but I'll leave that for the journal.
We love her so much and she brightens our days! Even when shes tantruming. Which she is pretty great at.. and I must admit, it's very entertaining.

 Mike's pretty in love with this cute girl. He's such a good dad.
 We went to pet the Bunnies but had missed them, so we spent out time looking at them and pettign the other animals. Tennesy thought it was just the best. She was having so much fun feeding the goats and clucking at the chickens.
 at Ardenwood farms petting the animals. She LOVED it.
 Painting rocks with water
 making vanetines day cookies
One of her best tantrums. Oh I wish I had gotten it on video.