Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Titled: "A very random post that probably shouldn't have been published. Yet here it is." Today we spent much of the day just playing. There wasn't much cleaning that needed to be done around the house, which is always nice! And I try to have only a small window of movie watching during the day, for Tennesy. Which means we spend a lot of time outside, or getting creative in doors. I'm not enjoying the sun setting early. It's making for long days and Tennesy seems to be tired much earlier.
She's really changed a lot and while I love it, I hate it just as much. She's really got a silly sense of humor and her personality shows all day. We have so much fun together. Even when Dad was out of town all week and we were sick with sinus infections, and colds, and ear infections. Talk about getting creative! I had to come up with ways to keep her busy because somehow, even sick, she had so much energy. I on the other hand, just wanted to lay on the couch and not do anything. Thankfully I do have an incredibly happy, and extremely great kid, so it wasn't very hard. She's basically the best little girl in the world. We had a lot of fun today. She got a few things for her birthday and has loved them all! Grandma and Grandpa Everett got her a little toy you walk around with and has played with it first thing every morning! We take it outside and today all of the kids were playing with it. Grandma Bob got her a vintage Fisher Price Music Box TV, just like the one Krame had growing up. She opened it tonight and has loved it. We got her magnets animals for the fridge that she quickly figured out and plays with every time we are in the kitchen. She's so silly though and pushes them under the fridge and then likes try try to get them out... I guess she thinks that's fun? We also got her little animal figurines that I put on top of her cake. She was so excited over them and has carried them around with her. They were super inexpensive and are probably pretty lame to anyone else, but I knew she'd love them. She really didn't need anything and at a year old, you don't need to do much. But she has had fun with what she got and it was really fun watching her get so excited over her gifts. She's such a sweet girl and I can't get enough of her. We think she's the cutest kid ever to exist. Maybe it's because we're her parents.. Maybe because it's just the truth.. Maybe it's both. Who's to say! 
We celebrated Diwali with some friends and it was a lot of fun. Tennesy, of course, was the center of attention (honestly she doesn't try to be. She's just really adorable!) They turned Burn on so she would dance and she happily put on a show. It's the funniest thing ever. Also everyone couldn't believe what a good eater she is. The girl loves food, it's true. But there was an nine month old there that was being spoon fed yogurt. Maybe she eats well because we skipped all that and went to the real food. And let's be honest, I wasn't about to teach her to wait for someone to put a spoon of good up to her mouth. If she wants food she's got to learn to feed herself! Haha. I'm not a terrible mother, I promise. Now here are some pictures from the past few days. Oh how I love this sweet kid. She has the kindest little heart and the sweetest personality. She's so friendly and will snuggle up and give bear hugs and blow kisses and I love it. She likes to hide and pop up and say "boo!" So she's been doing that a lot lately. We played in the pillows today and she was giggling so hard. Yesterday she spent a good half hour "getting me" with the inflatable sword. She thought it was hilarious. She disappears and I can always find her on the other side of the kitchen table looking out the window yelling to our neighbors. She loves to play with their little boy, and they spend a lot of time making each other laugh through the windows. I'm not sure what she'll do when they move. We've been lucky to have two wonderful neighbors live there while we've been here. Today the little boy was out doing Tennesy's dance. He isn't the only one, and my neighbor said Tennesy has started something. It's so funny. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Sweet Tennesy actually signed "please" today. She's finally learned that if you want/need something, she's going to have to ask politely, haha. She blows kisses and started making a duck sound too. We have been home sick and today is the first day we are finally feeling better, so we went out to Pho with uncle Ry and of course, had a lot of fun. Later this evening Tennesy was going on the side of the couch, back sandwiched between the wall and the tv stand and the couch (where she knows not to go because she almost always ends up getting hurt, lol) but she was back there playing peekaboo and it was the cutest thing ever. Her big round eyes popping up over the arm of the sofa, or peeking under it. She would bend down and crawl out and smile so big. Her little chubby face is so bright and happy when she smiles. Her hair parted over to the side and her cheeks were all pink. It was truly adorable. I love those little moments and they happen all day. I never want to forget them. She is such a doll, and it's hard to believe she'll be one in just two short days. Oh she also got a new tooth and now has a two on top and three on bottom.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


October was fun. Tennesy turned eleven months old, has grown so much! and has a handful of new tricks. (Some of these things she learned long before now, while others are more recent) At eleven months old if you ask her what a Cow, Pig, Dog, and a Bear say, she can tell you. She can say "ByeBye" (not just with her hand) and "Wow" "Mama" and "Dad" She blows kisses (when she feels like it) Does all the actions to the songs "if your happy and you know it" "Clap your hands" and a few of the actions to "was a little house in the middle of the woods" She also loves the "bear" song and  screams and laughs at the end" She dances and conducts music and sings a long to songs. She knows to pat and throw her arms in the air when watching Little Einsteins.. even before they do it! She knows 'Patty Cake" and can say "Wow" and "Owl" ("Wow" was the first word she ever learned")  She signs  milk, eat, more, hat (Working on please and thank you) and will sign most everything along with the kids on the show. We were so glad when she finally picked up on sigings many months ago and could finally communicate with us instead of just crying. She could actually tell us what she needed!  Signing Time songs may drive you bonkers, but it saves your sanity. Seriously. She get herself up into a standing position without holding on to anything (Mastered it on Halloween) And can walk while holding on with just one hand. She has been able to drink through a straw since she was four months old, and likes to dress up in shoes. Lids can keep her entertained for a very long time, and she loves to figure out how things work, and put things together. She knows which animals are which when you see them or their pictures. She love to read and play instruments. She leads music and sing and dance. Today she grabbed her little lion puppet and was making it growl and the mouse squeak and I have no idea where she learned that. She is so very smart and surprises us every day with new things she's figured out. She likes to use a fork while eating but uses her hand too. Sometimes the food it hard to keep on a fork, haha. She loves to watch kids and play with them and picks up on things very quickly. She likes to color and knows how to hold the crayon correctly. She will get so close to the paper and focus on it, it's really adorable, and I am totally impressed. She has stared "chasing her tail"  and laughing while she does it. She crawls around in circles and has the silliest personality. She is playful and makes everyone smile. She gives high fives and bones (knuckle punches to daddy) Shares her food and likes to watch herself in the mirror.. playing, crying, and eating... she likes to look at the food in her mouth, lol. We hit the beach again this month,  kept busy with friends and Tennesy got to experience all of the Halloween festivities for the first time. Including winning the Halloween contest! It's been a great month. Now here are a bunch of pictures in no particular order.