Sunday, August 23, 2015

Cell phone pics. Ew.

You Friday Krame was able to leave work early, and Tennesy was over the moon. She loves him so much and was so excited to have him home to play with her. We walked to the park and had a really great evening. 
^that smile.

Yesterday we went in to Redwood City and and Kramer took us out to lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory there. Tennesy  made us laugh the whole time, singing songs and stealing our food. She really loved the spinach ravioli. She is such a good kid, but oh how she does the funniest things.
^she loves her Sophie Giraffe our old neighbor gave her.
^Kramer thought she looked adorable sitting there at lunch. And he was right.
^Tennesy loves secrets. And if you tell her one she does it back.
^notice the finger in the mouth

After lunch we went to one of our favorite Thrift Stores and almost bought ourselves a pretty sweet Brazilian style table, but decided to hold off. We then headed in to Niles (big surprise) and started a little game of "Where's Waldo" in the thrift stores there. Niles is an old town where we spend a lot of time browsing the antique shops and thrift stores. Bronco Billy's is there and the ice cream parlor, so we may have come home with a pizza for dinner. It was a really fantastic Saturday.

Today we went to church and Tennesy apparently entertained everyone. She's pretty much the cutest kid with the funniest little personality. Though I hate that she's growing up so quickly. She is so silly and a very curious little girl.

It was such a great weekend.
^she cracks me up.

Monday, August 17, 2015

More summer adventures

07.23.15 - 08.02.15
We had friends visit the end of July and it was a party every day.
We showed them China Town (where Tey got her maraca) 

Golden Gate Park. Where she made us all laugh on the way home, as she would squeal and throw her arms up and then giggle.

Six Flags. A very hot day, but she was such a good girl. She loved watching the Seals and the Dolphin shows!

The Board Walk. She crawled around in the sand chasing after seagulls.
And The Mystery Spot. What a cool place!

08.03.15 - 08.11.15
The day after they left, we flew to Utah for a few days before heading to Bear lake. 
We saw family

Had fun at raspberry days

Celebrated Kramers birthday and Tey turning nine months

Land finished the trip with a day at the splash pad and then stopping for lunch and snowcones. 

We didn't make it in to a Coasta Vida to see ourselves on their screens. But I think we're going to be taking a little road trip here, to Sacramento soon, so we can.

Then over this last weekend, I got to cash in my birthday gift from the best husband ever, and we went on a date to the Taylor Swift concert with a few special guest.. One being Vance Joy! It was such an incredible night!! We had so much fun. Kramer is the absolute best. I still can't believe it happened.

 Teyz did great all evening , thanks to Ryan babysitting for us! That same day we all went to the zoo together so she was with him all day, making it easier when we left. She loved the elephants and got the biggest kick out of them, and she got so excited watching the Gibbons.

And I mean it. Best. Night. Ever.