Sunday, January 17, 2016

Idaho trip Christmas 2015

Grandpas birthday cake. Complete with eyes and a little raspberry mouth

Dancing to led zeplin 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A little update in letter form

January 6th 2016
Baby girl, how has it been more than a year that you came here to us and changed our lives forever?  You have the sweetest spirit and teach us so much every day. Your big heart and happy attitude towards life shines and your funny personality keeps us laughing.

You were so happy and excited about your first birthday and had such a fun time at your little party with your friends at the park. The day you turned one you changed and have been growing and changing, learning new things, every day. You've learned SO MANY new things, you smart girl. Your newest one is walking backwards. You think it's so funny and smile the whole time and laugh and laugh. I don't remember what day exactly but sometime in the past week or two I saw you doing it. I looked up and you were slowly taking steps backwards giggling. You are sooo funny and get the biggest kick out of life and yourself. You brighten my day more than you will ever know. I love you. I love you. I love you. 

We have been traveling and celebrating Christmas with all of our family in Utah and Idaho. You love the Christmas trees and Aunt Karins Train set and all of Grandma and Grandpa Everetts bears and Christmas figurines on the glass mirror and the singing dog. This Christmas has been so fun!

We bought a fake tree this year for our house and set it up. I was setting it up in the morning and dad was leaving for work. I opened it with you and you "helped" me put it together, but the moment I plugged the lights on it in, your face lit up and you got so excited. I'll never forget it! I have so many memories with you that I hope will never fade. I hate you growing up so quickly but I love watching you explore and grow. You are our silly sweet happy little pumpkin.

You love to eat olives (grandpa introduced you to them over thanksgiving) and your go to, will always eat food is peas. You are so silly and get jealous of your cousin Sailor and it's so funny, but you play with her (try to) still and are super sweet. You love your dad so much it's adorable and he loves you the same. You are our world sweet Tennesy. You are kind and trusting and funny. You love and cuddle and say "ooh" to any little snugly toy or soft blanket. You LOVE stuffed animals and your toys and music. 

Keep being you forever my love.

Mama Bear

Now for a bunch of out of order iPhone pictures!
This day was fun LOL
We were just laughing that hard.