Monday, September 9, 2013

Thread Letter tutorial

This is a pretty simple project. You probably don't even need a tutorial for it, but you're getting a little one anyway!

We have a wall in our house, that had only a clock hanging on it. the clock seemed out of place to me, and I knew something had to be done about it. So after finding some inspiration on Pinterest, I took down the clock, and made myself a "Thread Letter" 


I still think the wall might need a little more, but I am loving the letter.
Also, so sorry for the horrible phone pics! Next time I'll pull out the good camera so you don't hurt your eyes balls.

What you will need:
Spool of thread (how much depends on size of letter and how bold you want it)
Straight Pins
And maybe a measuring tape.. I probably should have used one of those..
Begin by drawing/cutting out desired size letter on some paper.
I wanted mine big, so I cut mine out of a roll of Printer paper. If you want a large Letter too, but don't have a large roll of paper, the back side of wrapping paper will probably do the trick!

Next,  Tape it to the wall where you want your letter to be. Once you start "threading", their is no moving it around! So make sure it is nice a straight! Not like mine..

Trace around the paper letter with small Straight pins. Do this by hammering them in to the wall.
I hammered them in pretty far, as they pull out a little while you are wrapping the thread around them. This is something you will want to keep an eye on while you are working! 

After you have done this, remove the paper letter, so all you have is an outline of pins.
Now you can start wrapping the thread!

I started by making a slipknot and pulling it tightly around the first pin.
 After some trial an error, I found that tracing the outside of the letter first, is the best way to do this.
Wrap the thread carefully around each pin, until you can clearly make out the shape of the letter.

The next thing you will want to do, is hammer more pins inside of the letter.
I placed them around randomly. This helps to make center points for the thread, on the inside of the letter. This is just something you can do if you would like to. It creates more pattern inside the Letter. Creating a filler.
Once you have done this, without cutting the thread, make another slipknot and start having fun filling in the inside of the letter!

I liked to make more slipknots and loop them around a pin (just like in step 4) every so often, just in case the thread slips off. That way you don't have to start all over. Just back at the last place you made a knot.Continue doing this, until it looks the way you want it to!

Pretty simple, right! :)

Have fun!