Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We are so excited to meet our little Baby Lu. It wiggles and kicks and moves all the time. It's favorite time to be most active is at night, the little Night Owl! But it moves around all day. The other day when the midwife was here, she was listening to the heartbeat and it kept picking up and then slowing back down. She said that that is a really good sign because it is responding to noises and getting excited, just as we do. What I loved about this was that Tennesy was standing right by my head and every time she would ask "what's that mama?" Or say something about the baby, Baby Lu's heart would pick up and it would get excited. I hope this means it's excited to come out and meet big sister. I know Tennesy is excited to meet it!

Things to remember:
Our awesome ultrasound experience
Always moving
Birthing Classes

Monday, February 6, 2017

Because who doesn't love phone pictures from a month ago?

 Happiest birthday, Papa! 

 Cousin time

Just some pictures from the last two weeks.
Last Saturday we took Tenn to her little friend Sakshi's 6th birthday party and then too advantage of the sunny weather and headed to Ardenwood Farm. We had a picnic in the car while Tenn napped and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing there. We got to watch a monarch hatch and see the sheep getting sheered and watch a goat rub its booty on the fence and Tenz just thought that was the funniest thing. She kept saying "just like mama!" and has kept talking about it.. I clearly have booty pain this pregnancy and rub my backside too much.. haha.
 These pictures are out of order.. Here is Tenn in the nursery room playing. She's getting a lot better at staying alone in there.
 This picture melts me. She'll come up to my stomach and lay her head down on me and "hug" the baby. She says "Awe! Baby!" and then sings to it. Though most of the time she is just playing her favorite game, where she lays on my belly and says "I squisheen da baby" And thinks it's hilarious.
 More birthday
 Enjoying the library

 We love our park days

 She was putting her doll in her shirt and pretending she had a baby in her belly

looking at the butterflies

 Ardenwood Farms

Helping Miss Em, our midwife, check the baby.

 Tenn moved in to her own "mermaid room" and loves it. She only wakes up maybe twice a night, so I can't complain. She was wetting her pants again for a few days there and had me concerned. I was feeling really bad.. mostly becuase I didn't know what was causing it... traveling, the baby, changing rooms.. nursery... I didn't know! but she had been accident free again for the last three days and three nights, so I'm hoping we are getting back on track again. Nothing a little ice cream bribing can't fix!
 She made this with the mermaids from her quiet book. Apparently that's me snuggling her, and she's holding the baby.
This most recent Saturday (Feb. 2) So two days ago.. We spent the morning playing at home and Tenn and Kramer thought the baby bump made a good mountain for their animals to play on...
That afternoon we went out for ice cream and then spent the rest of the day hiking and playing on trails. We did that for hours until it started getting late and the clouds came in with more rain. We love being outside and I love that we live somewhere where we can be so much.

Also we discovered the old Cinderella musical on Amazon Prime, and this kid is a fan.