Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We are so excited to meet our little Baby Lu. It wiggles and kicks and moves all the time. It's favorite time to be most active is at night, the little Night Owl! But it moves around all day. The other day when the midwife was here, she was listening to the heartbeat and it kept picking up and then slowing back down. She said that that is a really good sign because it is responding to noises and getting excited, just as we do. What I loved about this was that Tennesy was standing right by my head and every time she would ask "what's that mama?" Or say something about the baby, Baby Lu's heart would pick up and it would get excited. I hope this means it's excited to come out and meet big sister. I know Tennesy is excited to meet it!

Things to remember:
Our awesome ultrasound experience
Always moving
Birthing Classes

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