Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas 2016

After our trip to Disneyland, we celebrated Tenz' birthday, Thanksgiving, and then flew to Utah for Christmas and up to Idaho for New Years. We have had so much fun seeing familythe last few months. It has been wonderful.
We have made some fun memories this year and enjoyed our time as a family of three before we become a family of four.
2016 was good to us, but we are excited for the new adventures (and sweet baby) this year will bring.

Signing "More" with a ridiculously cute little face, hoping I'll say yes. I'm sure it was chocolate of some sort. I said Yes.
Baking Muffins with Maga.

Braving the cold and hitting a Pizza Joint with Cousins.

Waiting to read Christmas stories on Christmas Eve at Maga and Papas, and looking very much like her Great Grandma here. 

Christmas with Grandma Bob and George, at Auntie Karin's. Fell asleep on Grandma Bobs lap, watching a show.

Christmas at the Kramer's

Kissing under the mistletoe. Tennesy thought it was so funny. 

Playing in the deep snow at Maga and Papas house.
 I can't think of loving any other little human more than I do this girl. but somehow I know my love will just grow, and I'm hoping she and I will always stay close. She likes to pretend to check the babies heart beat and lay on it and say "I squishing da baby" And it makes her laugh so hard. Then I ask her if she loves the baby and she says "yes.. I love it so much" I don't know how much she knows, but I hope she loves it when it's here! And doesn't try to squish it.. She's also called it Lemon Pepper, and says that's it's name. 
Me: "Tennesy, you're too big for that swing. You're not a baby."
Tennesy: "I really aam!"

 She found my old doll and puts it to bed and sleeps with it every night.

 Too busy at Papa and Magas to take a nap. Fell asleep watching Cinderella.

Always singing and performing since she was tiny. Such a show off. 

Almost everyone. Just missing the other eleven.

Pie Face