Sunday, December 11, 2016

In June, we loaded the car and headed up to Big Sur to celebrate Father's Day, and it just happened to fall on my birthday! BEst birthday gift ever, KRamer knew I'd always wanted to go. It was so magical. it was like stepping into to a new world. The water was so clear and the colors were vibrant. It was sandy beaches, big cliffs, and green hiking. It rained the first day and night, and the second day was sunny. We did some hikes, played at the beaches, and took some beautiful drives. It couldn't have been better. Tennesy was in heaven being able to play outside all day and getting to sleep under the stars. She's our outdoorsy girl and I love that about her.

 She loved helping Dad put up the tent.

 Stopped off for some snacks.
 She found a caterpillar friend!

 The trail down to the beach that we had hiked to was closed. So these are our sad faces. It's okay though.. We still had a good time anyway and made it to another beach.

 Rain and wind can't stop this beach baby!

 We didn't take great pics.. but I took some from my phone. like this really great screenshot.. HAha

 Drawing circles 


August 2016

Our trip this past summer to Yosemite, was fun. It is so gorgeous, if you have the chance to, go! We will definitely be going back, and this time better prepared and hopefully with no sick child.. Safe to say she was not the happiest of campers this time. Poor kid.
We were sad our friends couldn't join us, but it was probably for the best this time. 


Oh this picture from last year around this same time. It was such a fun day.. I absolutely love it.