Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It would be impossible to try to post every detail that's happened since the last time I posted.. So we aren't going to do that. Instead I'll post some pictures I have on my phone, give an update of what's happening here at the Kramer house as of late, and try to be better so we don't have this problem again.

We took a road trip to Utah and stayed with Karin and her cute family. We saw friends and family, and just had a really good time. Everyone told us we were dumb to try to road trip with a kid, but we went against their advice and are so happy we did. Clearly they've never traveled with a Tennesy. She's seriously the best. We had so much fun on the drive, she didn't cry once. She's always been a good traveler and just a super great kid. We're pretty lucky.

We packed every toy she owns in to the car, and had a few special surprises for her that we pulled out after (almost) every stop. We stopped four times, so she got three things. It helped and then I saved them for the drive back so she wasn't bored with them. I'm not against bribery. She didn't cry at all, and was a little upset for maybe a total of five minutes the whole time. There and back. We love adventuring with our little Tennesy. It was a long drive, but we had fun. You can't go wrong with Sticker, snow ball fights, and Bobs Burgers.

Since we've been back, we've just been doing what we do. Swimming at the pool, swinging at the park, playing outside, reading books, building forts, and having fun with friends!

Tennesy hates it when Dada has to leave to work in the morning, and waits for him all day. She still gets so excited when she hears that door open. She runs to means says his name and runs over to the stairs to wait for him. I think it's my top three favorite parts of the day. The first one is when she wakes upon the mornings all happy. She signs and says "day!" And then starts talking so much and snuggling. The second would have to be nap time.. She's so sweet and sleepy and then when she wakes up she yells "hi" from the bedroom and is sitting up on the bed smiling when I walk in. Her little friend Aimee has been coming over the past little while, looking for her. She will go up to the bedroom and wait for Tennesy to wake up. It's really funny.

Tennesy is just changing every day and has become so much older. It just happens over night, I swear. She tries to catch up with all of her friends, who are older, and Ithink it's made her grow up faster. She's still sweet and kind and lives to smoosh her face up against me and say"ooohhh!" "Eeeee!" She thinks it's SO funny. She cracks us up every single day. She can be a little stinker sometimes, throwing fantastic tantrums, but they're more entertaining to watch than anything, and they never last long. She's a silly kid and we can't complain. She's the best.  I just don't think there will be a greater kid, ever. We love her and her goofy personality. She knows SO MANY words and signs and has started saying worlds in Chinese! She seriously surprises us every day with new things she knows. She's brilliant. She got that from her dad.

The way she says things and her cute faces and sweet little heart, I hope I will never forget. It's the things she'll grow out of that I just want to save forever.
She says "Ieeooo" For I love You
"Howl" for Towel
"Sfeet" for Feet
"Cuh-cuh" for Color
"Kicky" for Stcky or Yucky (like when something is stuck to the bottom of her shoe)
"Eeew" if she finds a hair anywhere
She lays her head down to the side on her hand and pretends to snore saying "sooo" when she wants to take a nap. (She a slap says "sweep" for Sleep"
"I-heed-hewp" for I need help. But it's kind of all one word. And Hewp for Hep.
"Pubpo" for Pillow
"Nina" for Minnie/Mickey
Anana for banana
Fuit! For fruit
I Sah and signs sad when she's sad or anyone else is crying
Choo choo and signs for train
She signs juice and it's just the cutest thing ever as she says it adorable too.
Prayers are the cutest and she closes her eyes so seriously and closes her hands together and says Ahimin! When it's over. We caught her in the car seat saying a prayer while driving the other day. It was so cute. And at dinner last night, she had her head bowed and hands folded but kept quickly taking a bite and dropping her fork and folding her hands again and then quickly doing it over again. It was SO funny. We don't make her fold her arms or bow her head, she just started doing it around seven months I think? I don't emerge exactly, but really early on. It's so funny.
She says Yesss instead of Yeah and of course all the things she knew before plus a gazillion more words and signs. She talks so much more, holding conversations and just acting like a little kid now. Shes always going to be my sweet baby girl, and when she wakes up in the night and wants to hold my hand or needs me to snuggle her, or "hewp" with things, I remember how little she still is.

Sorry, turned in to a journal post. This blog has turned in to more of a blog for me than for anyone, but if you are interested in things like how Tennesy pronounces some of the words she knows, or want to know what she had for lunch today, then I guess it's a good blog for you to be reading.

I'll try to be better at updating, for my sake. It's nice to have a place to document this fun time in our life. I'm going to miss it, but it only keeps getting better with time!
She's ready and waiting the second he walks through the door. Last night, he had to read every book in the basket. 

Sunday we spent the afternoon in the pool. This girl is fearless. 

 More from swimming.
 After church story time, per Ts request.
 She's super attached to this dog right now, and it's really cute. She loves any soft, cuddly toy (or living animal) and right now, it's "Dog"
 Just gossiping by the pool! Except Talullahs the only one that speaks English...
 She did a nice somersault down the hardwood stars a few nights ago, trying to get to grandma.. She was standing at the top crying for her, trying to convince me that it wasn't too far to drive. It's was a pretty sad sight. 

And just because she's cute and deserved some Cocoa Puffs for Breakfast. This was actually one of those days where I was monster mom and she was being a little stinker. Between the two of us, we were in need of the invitation we got that afternoon to have a dip in the pool with some friends.
She crashed early and I later found out her new teeth were coming through. So then I felt even worse for not being so patient. Oh well, we're both still alive. Also, she had a blast at their pool and loved "jumping" in to the water.

\Her BFF "Hamee" Aimee

While we in Utah, Auntie Karin set up the kiddie pool and Tennesy loved playing with her cousins.