Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Anywhere Chair

Hello! It's been a long time since last I posted.. but here I am, hoping to start this blog up for reals this time guys. Seriously.
So I truely stink at tutorials. Infact, I'm really not the best at sewing either, but that doesnt stop me from pretending I can! Haha
So over memorial Day weekend, I decided to try making a new little find. I was with my cute mom, so obviouslywe ended up at the craft store! And I found this fabric and had to get it for this project! 
So today I bring you the "Anywhere Chair"
One hour- One chair- Two different ways to sit!

SUPPLIES:1/2 yrd fabric
1/2 yrd. contrasting fabric
1/2 yrd. batting


The seat
Lay right sides facing each other and cut 18 3/4 long x 11 1/4 wide
The waist strap
Fabric still facing right sides together, cut 36 3/4 long x 6 1/2 wide
The connecting piece
With the extra piece, cut 4 1/2 long x 3 wide
Now pin the batting to your pieces, and trim to shape
Sew pieces up, leaving an openeing at the bottom of your seat to pull rightside out. This will be the opening where you will sew in your connecting piece
Next do the same to the waist strap, leaving that opening to attatch the connecting piece
Sew the sides of the connecting piece, flip rightside out, and attatch everything together!

Voila! Easy peasy rice and cheesy!

A yard of fabric can actually make two seats, and two connector pieces, but not two waist straps. 
It's really a simple sewing project if your sewing machine doesn't jam, and the lady at the fabric store can cut straight! We had a good laugh making these. We made about six over the weekend, and maybe should have stopped after the first... but we kept going, because thery really are just so fun to whip up! And now I'm here trying to post a tutorial, like I know how to do these things! I know you love me! I also made these, so they are reversable. All you do for this, is make the fabric on the back, look cute with the fabric on the front, and sew velcro on BOTH sides. Also, making the seat a little longer, would allow a padded head rest, and a covering over a shopping cart handle, were one to use it whilst shopping. Yes I brought it to the store to try it out. Don't judge!

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