Saturday, November 7, 2015


Sweet Tennesy actually signed "please" today. She's finally learned that if you want/need something, she's going to have to ask politely, haha. She blows kisses and started making a duck sound too. We have been home sick and today is the first day we are finally feeling better, so we went out to Pho with uncle Ry and of course, had a lot of fun. Later this evening Tennesy was going on the side of the couch, back sandwiched between the wall and the tv stand and the couch (where she knows not to go because she almost always ends up getting hurt, lol) but she was back there playing peekaboo and it was the cutest thing ever. Her big round eyes popping up over the arm of the sofa, or peeking under it. She would bend down and crawl out and smile so big. Her little chubby face is so bright and happy when she smiles. Her hair parted over to the side and her cheeks were all pink. It was truly adorable. I love those little moments and they happen all day. I never want to forget them. She is such a doll, and it's hard to believe she'll be one in just two short days. Oh she also got a new tooth and now has a two on top and three on bottom.

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