Wednesday, February 18, 2015

About a month ago Kramer signed us up for Cupids Undie Run. He sent me a text saying we were going to go do a run in our underwear. A few days before that, I sent him a text to remind him of the underwear BART ride happening, as a joke.. So I thought he was kidding. I also thought it sounded fun so I told him that we should totally do it!! 

He's super awesome and actually registered us. We were only able to raise $5 (THANK YOU!) but fortunately we are pretty blessed right now with Mikes job, so we were able to donate to the cause. Which actually scored us raceday shirts, and we didn't even know it! See? Give and receive

 The morning of, we ran to Target (well we drove. We saves the running for the race) and picked up some  underoos. We then headed out to go run down the street without our britches. We were the only people with a baby, and Tenneay was p-retty popular. She had so many pictures taken of her!

We has such a fun time, and the weather couldn't have been better.  After it was over we decided NOT to go to Ghiraradelli Square on Valentines day and instead hit the burger joint away from the crouds. It was still pretty busy, but that's to be expected on a Saturday in the City.

Tennesy was a little cupcake for us, being super sweet and good the whole time. We even got our picture in the article. She's such a hashtag cutie for sure.
 "Her shirt don't lie!"

Because a picture of you with your dad in is batman underwear is so normal.

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