Thursday, July 16, 2015

To celebrate this Independence Day, we started the day with the most lame and unpatriotic Parade ever. We then spent the day just relaxing at home, spending time together. 
When evening rolled around we headed out to meet Ryan for some good Fourth of July fun. Ry started the navigation and we ended up heading to a fair that was, in fact, not the one we thought we were going to! But we all know that none of us go by the book and figured we'd give it a try! Except it had closed down a month earlier.. Lol. So we headed back to the fair we originally purchased the tickets for!

This fair had a firework show going to a live symphony, deep fried food, and rides! We were sold! We made it there and all shared some good fair BBQ, and then found ourselves a nice grassy spot in the middle of the crowd. It was so funny watching Krame and Ry carry the stroller up over people making our way to our spot. We all were wondering where the symphony was going to be playing, but no one said anything.
Like a bunch of idiots we sat there watching a big clock countdown and then when the fireworks started going off, we found out they were clear behind us on the other side if the park. Laughing, we booked it over and were able to see half of them. Tennesy LOVED them. She was so fascinated by them! She would get a little worried when they'd go off, and then get excited, and then watched them intently. It was so funny.
When they ended, Ryan and I went on a couple of rides. One of them being a super sketchy roller coaster. Fair rides freak me out more than other rides.. 
It was definitely a fun day. 

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