Thursday, September 24, 2015

August we went to Utah and then spent a week at Bear Lake.
We also took Scout to the Oakland Zoo for her first time! It was Ry's idea and she lived it. She got really excited over the elephant and the Gibbons.
She likes to get in to everything while I'm doing laundry and I found her crawling around with the necklace hanging out of her mouth. She started laughing and thought she was pretty funny. 
Mike had her laughing at the lake house while he was making Hector Fox talk. It was his 26th birthday and she turned 9 months the same day.
Kramer took me to Taylor Swifts 1989 World Tour for my birthday and Ryan babysat for us. It was the funniest night ever. We had a blast and caught a bus home afterwards. He is the best!!
Scout and I have been hanging out at the pool. This girl LOVES the water and wants to take off swimming on her own!
I caught her being funny with the fruit loop box. She has me laughing all the time.
She does pretty great at her nap times, and always wakes up happy and talking with those rosy cheeks.
She crawls around the house being extra cute and I love it.
We went out thrifting on Sarurday (of course) and Kramer found Brittan Street. It's spelled wrong but it was funny. We then ended up scoring a sweet dining table and can finally have people over! The owners of the thrift store have gotten to know us pretty well, and asked if they could take some pictures of us posing at our new dining room set for their website. It was pretty funny but we couldn't say no.
The end of August was fun and we've spent a lot of family time outside playin with Miss T. I guess we like her a little..
I'm able to lay her down awake and she'll  talk for five unites and then crash. It's pretty cute.
We celebrated Ry's birthday with funeral potatoes (per his request) German chocolate cake, and Kubb. Scout was so excited about the balloons, It was the cutest thing ever!
She's all over the place while I'm doing housework but I kept her busy on the bed for a few minutes playing with the selfie stick.
She thought it would be fun to follow me in to the bathroom and try to climb in to the tub. This girl is a monkey. These pictures just show how silly and busy she is. Always in to something. She started standing up on her own for a few seconds that afternoon and I caught it on camera. She's growing up too quickly!
The rest of September we went up to Idaho for Spud Day and to visit family. Tennesy was crawling everywhere at the airport and loved looking out of the window at the planes and people.
Before we left we had a mini dance party, as they are Tennesy's favorite. Krame turned on some music and Ten was dancing and singing. She loves stringed instruments, and especially loves the Cello. It's really sweet.
We went out the Gearys garden a lot and I got myself some fresh garden carrots almost every day. There's nothing like fresh carrots from the garden. Dirt and all. It's like heaven. They have some pretty flowers out there, and I had to get a picture.
The last picture is of her first fat lip. She fell out of the swing my parents have in the house and totally face planted. The tooth she has been cutting cut it open a little and made it bleed. She was sucking her lip in like a fish the rest of the day, haha.
We had a lot of fun in Idaho and got to meet Tennesy's cousin Sailor for the first time. She is the sweetest little thing and I can't wait for the girls to be best friends.
Tennesy loves to swing and she loves being outside, so she was in heaven. She said "Ai Ai" and stood up at the door all day every day until we took her out. She loved it there with the wagon and tube and dandy lions and trampoline. It was so much fun.

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