Saturday, February 20, 2016

Random pictures of our life lately 02-20-16

Completely out of order, and not dated.. but cute nonetheless.
Undie Run 2016
Getting dressed up for church
Lunch date! they were apart for over two weeks and I think its safe to say that they missed each other

Sunday morning
They missed each other
I love her sweet cheeks and how snugly she is right after she wakes up. Also, she tooted right after this and thought it was so funny. 
Always outside. She played in the Cherry Blossoms that were blowing off of the tree for a good hour that morning.
cute new outfit from grandma and pa-pa
The pencil she got in her Christmas stocking has been a hit. She tries to hold it correctly too, which is quite the challenge. 

Hanging out in SF after our run
Tennesy loved the fountains
oh this picture..

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