Sunday, June 25, 2017

Great America

On Saturday 06.24.17 we went to Mikes company party that was held at Great America. We stayed until late, taking Tennesy on ride after ride. She was such a brave heart. She kept asking to go on the space rocket ride and I told her she would have to go alone because mommies and daddies couldn't go on it, and she was totally fine with it! She LOVED the ride and after it stopped, I told her to wait and I would help her out and she said "I'm okay. I got it" as she stepped out. She thought it was so fun! She loved all of the rides and went on her first roller coaster. She went with one of Mikes coworkers, Nugyen... So funny. She didn't even care and was so excited to go on it. And when she got off she asked to go again! Quinn was her happy little self smiling and chilling out the whole time. She is honestly the best baby in the world. I have never met a more happy baby. She is ALWAYS in a good mood. She wakes up with a big smile on her face every morning and it stays on her face all day. As soon as she wakes up from naps, she's smiling again. She's such a love. Anyway, here on some pictures from our day.

 I took T on a little car ride that went around a small round track. Hearing her cute squeals and giggles every time we went around the corner was my favorite. I love her so much. She was so excited about everything.

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