Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At two months you have found your hands! You always have them in your mouth and you drool all over everything. You love to smile at everyone and try to be part of the conversation. You think it's pretty funny when we stick our tongues out at you and you stick yours right back out at us. 

You definitely know your family. You watch us intently and copy the noises we make. You can go from perfectly content to starving in 0.2 seconds! And you use your amazing lungs to let us all know. 

You still do your cute "eyeyeye" noise when you are getting frustrated with us and your quivery chin is still hanging around.

You love ceiling fans that has given you the nicname of fanny by your grandma who also bought you Humphrey your hamster because you guys have matching cheeks. Grandpa says you store your milk in them, and I call you Marvin because you're positive you are always starvin'

You're still nursing but you like to mix things up a little and drink from your bottle sometimes. You sure know what you want and when you want it! Your tummy still bothers you and we are trying our darndist to get you feeling better. But even with an upset tummy, you're the smiliest girl I've ever seen!

You have sure taught us a lot and we have learned to be patient with one another. We love you so much and you make us laugh all the time with the silly things you do.

On January 1st you weighed 10lbs 14oz and a couple weeks before that, you were 21" long! You are so tall! You have almost outgrown your size 3 month feety pajamas and I am running out of pjs for you. Dad and grandma have both said,
that we are going to have to cut the toes off of them so your feet can poke out.

You took a trip to UT and ID over Christmas and we stayed a whole month visiting grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and all of your cousins. You had a yucky double ear infection, and RSV while we were there, went for a wild ride in your car seat at your cousins house and you were blessed by your dad in a beautiful homemade outfit and accessories made by your grandmas. You also outgrew most of your clothes and became a little baby instead of a newborn! Where did my teeny little bebe go??

You change every day, sweet girl. And while I'm sad to see you growing so quickly, it's so fun to watch you learn and change each day. You just get cuter and cuter and even more fun. I swear, every morning I wake up you have grown in the night. Part of me wishes I could keep you little forever.

We sure love you sweet Tennesy.

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