Monday, January 26, 2015


Tennesy is starting to fall in to a routine. This baby stuff isn't easy, but each day it gets a little better. Things are constantly changing and we are learning new stuff with each day. But boy how we love this girl. 

This girl is the happiest most smiley girl any of us have ever seen!! I don't know how she is so smiley with such a sick stomach 24/7. If only we could get that taken care of, darn it! We're tryin!
She loves the movie Lilo And Stitch!! I don't know what it is... But she LOVES it!

Hanging out with dad! We love the weekends =)

The best part about this beautiful place? It's so close to our house!
There's an ugly brown hill we can see from our house. We decided to drive over that big brown hill and discovered this breath taking place. Seriously you guys, these pictures don't do it justice. There was no end to these rolling green hills. They stretched on for miles. We saw wild turkeys and deer and we rolled down the windows, played our music and took in the beauty. Who knew it existed, and right by us this whole time!

All ready for church! 

She fell asleep in Dad's arms during priesthood meeting, and then basked in the sunshine outside after church.

Just catching up while I fold laundry

Someone got blessed last Sunday in a pretty dress made by grandma bob and a lovely blanket sewn by her Grandma. Such a beautiful day, and Auntie Karin opened up her home to everyone so it could happen. 

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