Monday, April 27, 2015

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, that we spent a good portion of it outside, when we got home from church.

Really the weather has been nice all week, and we are not complainin'

This girl loves being outside! It's a good thing we live in California!

Tees got her first invitation to a sweet little girls birthday party last week. We showed up on time and lookin fancy, only to find out we were a day early. So we made our own party, and took a "we showed up a little too early" selfie, haha.

Grandma Bob got us a crib before T was ever here! And Kramer finally got it put together. And let me tell you, I'm in love with it! And judging by the look of Miss Ts face in this picture, she loves it too!

She outgrew her sleeper a while ago and moved back in with us. And while we'll miss our extra snuggle time, I don't think Mike will miss the head in his armpit or the tiny hand scratching his face, so much.
This pack and play is so nice though! And she loves it! She takes all her naps in this thing, and it saves me a couple extra trips up our stairs.. You can judge me, it's okay. 

Also, Teesy started sitting up on her own, and learned how to read.

When Dad offers to watch her, This is what he actually means, hahaha

She also started eating real food and loves it. I've been giving her tastes of whatever we're eating for a couple of weeks now, but we've pumped it up more recently. I stuck fruit in this mesh teether to help soothe her gums, and it was a success.

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