Sunday, June 28, 2015

Instagram seems to be the popular place where Im posting my pictures the most. With that and still not having a working computer, I've neglected the blog. I'm going to try and go back to doing weekly updates. I used to be so good (not so much on this blog) But I want to be. It's nice to have a "journal" with pictures of our ventures. I love looking back at the old blog. So this will be a fun recap of what we did. A nice, weekly family update, from here on out. 

First picture up... Ace on the carousel. She LOVED it.
We went to Great America for Krames company picnic and took her on this ride. She has always been such a curious baby, and this thing fascinated her. As always, she was all smiles and cheesed everyone over.
On our way there, and using Krames FAVORITE Father's Day gift... Can you guess what it is? Hahaha

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