Thursday, July 28, 2016

May-July and a 20 month update

At 20 months she has grown so much more and is such a little girl now. Where did our baby go?!

She will disappear upstairs and I can find her playing with her dolls. Putting them to bed, helping them get dressed, showing them things, etc. Always talking in a soft little voice to them and hugging them.

Also I don't know how she knows but she knows that at birthdays you say "happy birthday!" and have a birthday cake. So when she wishes anyone a happy birthday or sees any kind of party decoration she says "Happy Cake!" Pancake has the word cake in it too, so obviously it is now called a happy cake as well.

She is often confirming that everyone is happy too. "Dada happeee" to which we have to relpy, and she continues with "Mama happeee" and "TT, or "CeCe" happy" then if she is happy while doing anything it becomes a "happy____ Happy TT Happy"

She is still asking "whats that" and saying "Oooh ___" when you answer, but sadly not as often as she used to. It's more of "Wook! Mama wook!" for me to look at everything she's doing. A new dance, a trick, something she sees, etc. She also taps her finger on her chin when she's thinking about anything and holds her hand on her eyebrows when shes looking for something and says "wookeen.. wookeen.." And says "Der'is!" when she finds it. The other day at Target she heard Kramer say he needed to find the Milk and she went off walking down the row tapping her chin saying "hmmm"

She is fearless in the water and loves to be dropped in, going under and popping back up. While she is fearless and takes off independently, swimming from one end of the pool to the other, she is cautious and likes to know where I am after a while. Which is good. She has become a bit attached to me as of late though, which I am hoping is just a phase. Everyone gets a kick out of her though. Especially at the pool. They can't believe how brave she is and how good she is at swimming. And how I parent her apparently.. Sometimes I think the people at the pool are going ot have a heart attack the way they act. But then they start laughing.

Tennesy is very affectionate and concerned and aware of others feelings. She has also gotten pretty great at sharing and likes to trade things.

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