Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oh what a wonderful year it's been. I fell away from my journaling/blogging and so much has happened. In July grandma bob came to town and we watched the fireworks together. Tennesy LOVED then.We also moved and are really liking the new place.
In August we went to Bear Lake and celebrated Mikes birthday in the city.
September Tennesy and I went home to Idaho  for Spud Day.
October we took a road  trip to Disneyland and Pappi and Maga joined us. It's all Tennesy has talked about since, and it's safe to say she really had a magical time there. Oh the wonderful memories we made. She keeps saying "tea cups so fun!!" "I so excited" She bawled when I first took her on them, clinging to me the whole time. By the end of the ride she was giggling but still clutched to me like a little monkey. After that we had to go on them over and over, per her request. We drove home on Halloween and went out trick or treating that night. Mike wasn't able to join us, as he had a work meeting in a different city is had to drive over to.
NovemberTennesy turned TWO already! And we had a little party at Mackintosh park again. Maga was in town and helped Tennesy make her cake, which she got to frost and decorate all on her own. We had a little party alone at the house on her birthday, and she was the happiest two year old alive.  uncle David came to visit this month as well, for  Thanksgiving! and we had a great time! Tennesys and I started the Christmas music up as soon as we were allowed (we may have watched Disney Christmas sing a longs a day or two before thanksgiving) we're just "so sykid chrisis come!" As Tennesy won't stop saying! And couldn't help ourselves. I love that she's so excited!

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