Thursday, April 6, 2017

03.28.17 Tennesy was standing in the bathroom today playing "this little piggy" on her own toes. She said "this little piggy went to Target, this little piggy stayed home..." Hahaha

03.28.17 Tonight Tennesy was out riding her scooter and our neighbor next door said "I like your scooter!"  Tennesy said "thank you!" The neighbor then said "it looks new.. is it new?" "Yes" Tennesy said, as she spread her hand out across the handle bar, like Vana White might. "It's my masterpiece."

The other day Tennesy ripped up a paper she colored, so I said "Hey look! you made a puzzle!" 
"yeah! A puzzle!" She replied... "Oh no, my puzzle... it's all my fault."
"It's all your fault? Where did you get that?"
"I got it from Target"
This kid 😂

On our way back from a friends, Talu decided she didn't want to walk home and I told her if she didn't walk home, she would have to sleep in the flowers (the bushes next to the sidewalk) I continued walking thinking she would continue pouting but follow me... When I got to the end of the sidewalk, I turned around and found her sleeping in the flowers!! 😂 The little pill! I had to drag her home as she cried "don't pull me! I want to sleep in the flowers!" I think people walking by thought I had kidnapped her the way she was trying to get away from me, lol

"Ice Cream Whip" (whip cream) 
When asked if the baby is a brother or sister she will answer "sister" and say "I want it be a girl like mama and Tessy"
Knows many many songs, including the alphabet.
Loves pretending she's a super hero, a princess and a mermaid. ALL. THE. TIME.
Loves to say her own prayers. Yesterday she was thankful Jesus was born, that mommy and Tessy played outside, and blessed daddy would be safe and have a good day. 
It's So darn cute. 
Also everything is "poop" lately. "Here's your ice cream..." to which we pretend to eat it, and she replies "poop ice cream!" And other such scenarios.

Every morning she asks to snuggle in our "clean flower bed" she says "it's my favorite! Nice and clean!" And then she hides in the covers from us. We spend a lot of time on the bed, throwing her on it, having pillow fights and playing no more monkeys jumping on the bed. 

Tennesy also thinks new and clean have the same meaning, and old and dirty. I think maybe because when the flowers die, I say we need new ones, or I'll say "that ones old. Let's get you a clean one" about things. And when Moana's grandmother's spirit appears, she says "Not old! She's clean!" 

Also she is obsessed with Moana. My favorite is her acting it out all of the time. "No one goes beyond the reef!" "I am Moana of Montigue. You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Tafiti!" Or when she acts out Taka. Also whenever the grandmother sings to Moana she gets ready eyed and says"ah. Maga"

 02.14.17 Valentines Day We made pink heart "happycakes" for breakfast, Daddy surprised us with valentine roses and sweet cards, and we have spent the rest of the day playing and making Valentine's crafts together. Kramer's a wonderful husband and an amazing father, and we are so blessed. He got us cards and flowers that Tennesy was so excited about. She hasn't stopped telling me about her flowers all day, and is using them as (very expensive) wands... 😑 "bippityboppityboo!"

04.05.17 I just sent mike to the store for water and I told Tennesy that maybe they could get ice cream while they are there and come back and we can eat it and watch a movie tonight and she through her arms in to the air and said "we're going to have an ice cream party!!" "And eat it and it will be so good!" "Oh great!"

Tennesy was having a lot of fun on April fools day saying "you have a spider on your head! April Fools!" And "I won't clean up... April Fools!" She just did it to me again and forgot what to say after she told me I had a spider on my head, and said, "Friday!" Hahaha

03.29.17 We had a picnic today and Tennesy was super upset for a little while (Cutting a molar) She  set her water bottle down on the grass and it set off another crying spell. I asked her why she was crying and she said "grass mom!" "Grass!" She saw the grass UNDER the water bottle and thought it was IN it. After I showed her she cheered up and started laughing. 

"Dad! I want more chocolate milk, please.." 
"DAAAD! I want more chocolate milk!"
"DAAAAAAD! I want more chocolate milk!" 
Mike comes out of the bathroom..

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