Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We're soaking up every minute with this sweet littlest love. My mom has been here helping so much, and Mikes home from work spending time with Tennesy and life has just been great! I can't say how much better this recovery is been than the last one. It's like night and day. Best decision. I'm so happy I had a home birth. I can;t wait to write about that. This post is just pictures, so they are posted somewhere and documented. I'll try to go through and caption them. Sweet little sister is only 4 days old today, so these are just some of my pictures off of my phone from the last four days. I am aware I have a lot.. I love it! Honestly I can;t say how helpful my mom has been and how wonderful Mike has been to Tennesy and making sure we are all taken care of. We are so blessed.

This group of pictures is from Easter weekend. My mom came out on the 13th and we spent the days waiting for baby, celebrating Easter and my moms birthday, and having fun with grandma!
(I need to write about that too, but I'vbe been too busy snuggling my two GIRLS to  sit at the laptop posting pictures. I still can't believe I had another little girl!)

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