Monday, October 20, 2014

So much to do, so little time

There's still so much to get done, and I'm running out of time.
When we moved in to this new house, we unpacked everything but didn't put stuff away. Like the computers got placed in the center of the living room  and have only moved once to be pushed against the wall to make walking space. When the couches were delivered they got set in the most inconvenient spots ever and can't be moved until the misplaced piano gets carried up a flight if stairs. Which Mike can't do alone, and I'm no help! So there they sit.

If you squeeze past them and go in to the kitchen, you will find the bookshelf that got placed in the corner, and all of the shelves and items that belong on the bookshelf sitting on the floor and half of the table. I can't put these items away, because they go on the bookshelf that does not belong in the kitchen. But again, I can't carry it up the stairs to the guest room. So there it sits too. 

Then there's the TV and the TV stand that is half painted. I'm waiting to paint the other side of it until I can pull it out and get to it. But I can't until the piano is moved and the TV/TV stand are in the living room. To do this the couches need to be moved and again, same problem as above. Are you beginning to see the issue? 

I cannot walk through my house without tripping over things, and I really want to have a table again. I can't decorate or hang anything on the walls, until things are put away and furniture is where it's supposed to be. So I don't feel like the house is a home yet. I really want things ready for the holidays! And I want everything done before the baby gets here, and preferably before my mom visits, so we can actually sit on the furniture and not trip over things walking from one room to the next.

 I put away the stuff I could, but the heavy things I can't do. And a lot of the heavy stuff needs to be moved before I can finish with the light stuff. Putting shelves back on the book case, putting the books on the shelves, getting picture frames off the floor and up on the walls, etc. My To Do list doesn't have nearly enough check marks. I think I'm going to need to pay someone to come do this heavy lifting for me. Mikes too busy with work and half of the stuff he can't do alone. This mama needs to nest, and this is making it very difficult, haha.
I have a week and a half until my mom gets here, and about two weeks until babies birth date. Something better happen soon because we're running out of time! Mike, being the sweetheart he is, took me shopping to get the items on our birth list over the weekend though. We gathered a lot of the supplies we will need which is a great feeling! but also a little scary.
This little girl will be here before we know it! But we're totally excited!!

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